At YourKnow we have a simple mantra that influences everything we do: consume, collaborate,  create, share and discover. The next couple of posts will discuss what these 5 principles mean to us and how this influences what we put into the platform and share with others.

The first tenet of the mantra is “consume”.  This is probably the easiest one to explain as there is no way to learn new things without embracing new information.  When I first started in the IT world, I took a seminar on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit 2 is to “begin with the end in mind”.  That is what we have tried to do here. While consuming information seems like it should be the last item in our mantra, it is what charges us and pushes us to create.  It is the end goal of everything we are doing to cultivate minds.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Reading new ideas, thoughts and musings helps to expand out horizons and take us to new levels of understanding.  When we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, we open the door to new possibilities and experiences. Not everyone can travel the world and experience diverse cultures easily but we can read and share in those experiences through other’s eyes.  This is what has made platforms like YouTube and Instagram so popular. But visual platforms can only convey so much while the written word can lend meaning to the pictures and videos and do more than just show us what a place looked like.

As a voracious reader who is constantly trying to find new and exciting things to read each day, I am excited to see what is available as YourKnow matures and the membership grows.  From biography to fiction to politics to cooking, the possibilities are endless.  

Join me today by creating a free account and seeing what we have for you to consume today.