In 2004, I took a position as a .Net developer focused on a fairly new technology called SharePoint.  What intrigued me about the SharePoint platform was the concept of technology focused on collaboration.  Sure, there had been other products that helped people communicate and store data such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Oracle Portal, but there hadn’t been anything that I had used with collaboration built into its core mission.  It was still a relatively unknown technology at the time but would shape the next decade and a half of my life.

Years later I was offered a position as a SharePoint Architect which later morphed into working with all content management systems across 30 different business units.  I began to see what all of these systems had in common and what all of these systems seemed to lack. While they all attempted to get people to consolidate and share data, documents and ideas, none of them actually facilitated bringing people together at the same time to focus on their collaborative efforts.  It trusted that the collective would work together as necessary and didn’t enforce any structure or timing for this effort.

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Enter YourKnow.

YourKnow has some similarities to the others, as all content systems should, but it is different.

  • Bring people together at the same time to collaborate in real time sessions.
  • Create an event, invite members and then actually sit around a virtual table (or lounge in a virtual coffee shop if that’s more your style) and see what people are typing into the shared document.
  • Pass the virtual pen around to those who want to write and everyone can see what they are writing as they write it.
  • Discussions can go on in the chat window.
  • Files can be uploaded and added to the draft you are working on.
  • Continuing events can be scheduled and additional members can join the session.
  • Offline events for real-world meetings.
  • Foster groups that collaborate right away and build documents and writings in the moment.

In all of the years I have worked in IT, I have been one of those people who tried to collaborate and bring others into my projects.  This takes the face-to-face pressure out of the equation and caters to both introverts and extroverts. You can find groups of people who want to work with you and others to build something new. 

Want to know what groups are waiting for you and bring your passions to the virtual table?  

Join YourKnow right now for free and pursue your passions today.

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