When I was a kid and later when I became a parent, sharing was one of those things everyone put an emphasis on.  Share your toys, share your snacks, share with the class, share with your support group. It is constantly pounded into us that sharing was the right thing to do.  Later in life, I took a number of jobs where sharing became important. In the military, we shared our ammunition, we shared our food, we shared letters from home and most importantly, we shared information that helped the unit.  Later in life I worked in places where sharing code I wrote or scripts I created was part of the routine.

As I mentioned in my post on collaboration, I specialized in a technology where share was literally in the name when I picked up SharePoint.  The idea that information must be shared for us to advance as a team, as a community or as a species is incredibly important. That’s not to say that we have to share everything.  All of us have plenty of things we keep private and all of us have that one friend who overshares, right? Oversharing notwithstanding, sharing is usually built into the mores and norms of our societies.

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

At YourKnow, we made sharing a part of our mantra for a simple reason.  Everything we have talked about so far with consuming, collaborating and creating is all for nothing if we have no way to share what we have made.  Ideas and information can’t be exchanged if we don’t put it out there for others to discover (spoiler alert for the next post) and consume. Others can’t take what we have put out there and build on it if we don’t actually put it out there.

YourKnow makes this easy whether you are working in a group with other folks or you are using the “Just Me” feature and writing on your own in a private space.  Once you have something you are ready to share, you just open the context menu and click on “Publish” and the wizard walks you through publishing it where you want it to live.  Once done, it is available for anyone to read and comment on anywhere in the world for free. You still own it, we just make it available for others.

Join YourKnow for FREE today and Share Your Story. I know I am excited to read what people just like you are willing to share with me and I hope you are too.

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