Lifelong Product

The more I think about lifelong learning skills, the more inclined I am to relate those characteristics to what makes a product beneficial to its users over the long haul. Some skills are beneficial to master because they are important for success throughout the different phases of life. A lifelong product is one that is relevant and applicable in spite of all the transitions that one needs to experience in life, not forgetting technological advancements. It may be a truism but change is the only constant in life. We live in a fluid world where things are constantly in a state of flux. A lot of dynamism and adaptability traits are therefore needed to stay relevant and competitive.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett, in a write-up on beneficial learning skills, posits that working in groups is the hallmark of the digital age. In school, in addition to individual assignments, group projects and teamwork form an integral part of classroom work and assessment. The ability to be a good team player and to work well with others in a group setting at the workplace is necessary for success and optimum productivity.

YourKnow fosters creativity and the sharing of passions and ideas. It caters to groups that are both physical and virtual. Communication is key in every human endeavor but it is now more than just face-to-face interactions. How can we work with one another across the globe as easily and effectively as across the room? YourKnow’s Collaborations tool is the answer. Create a group, invite others with like passions and schedule a live event to create, share, and publish for the benefit of yourself and others. 

From high school through college and on into the workplace, YourKnow’s Just Me feature is one of the most effective and efficient ways to take and digitally save classroom lecture notes, to-dos and action items from corporate meetings, and store personal files for easy retrieval. Just as employers look for people with both team member and individual contributor attributes, YourKnow allows you to work well in both situations.

These are just a couple of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to connect with the world in your daily life. From “I can do it” to “we can do it”, visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

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