2 Pizzas

Teamwork is always at the center of success in every organization. People should be able to harness their resources in a team environment that is lean, efficient, and effective. Meetings and other collaboration tools are indeed necessary avenues to plan, execute, and achieving optimal productivity. A collaboration or meeting should be quick to organize, short in time, and should not have more people than 2 pizzas can feed.   

This has been Jeff Bezos’ team rule since the inception of his business empire. No matter how large an organization grows, it’s important to have smaller teams, ideally 6 and not exceeding 10 people on a team. Central to teamwork are connection and communication, both of which become a nightmare with large numbers. According to J. Richard Hackman, an organizational psychologist and expert on team dynamics, the main problem is with the number of links between people as teams become bigger. His formula

where n=number of people

  • In a team of 6, the number of links between them is 15  — 6(6-1)/2
  • In a team of 12, the number of links jumps to 66 – 12(12-1)/2
  • In a team of 15, the number of links is a whopping 105 – 15(15-1)/2

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