Community & Collaboration

As the Latin roots com and laborare suggest, Collaboration means to work together. Collaboration is not just about results; it’s very much about the process too. In this day and age, it has become more associated with innovative interactive process with a shared purpose. It’s definitely a sure way to explore our differences and search for solutions that go beyond our own limited vision of what is possible.

How do we build communities without working together? How do we effectively build teams whether for social change or to advance research, technology, and scholarship without harnessing resources for the good of humanity?

My personal journey through the years has taught me one thing. There is a limit to what one can do as an individual. There is more that can be accomplished when people decide to get together and work collaboratively. Distance is no longer a barrier to meeting. If we had any reservations about that, events from the past year and a half have changed our perspective. I have enjoyed many live collaboration sessions on YourKnow, the number one platform for working in a virtual group setting with the aim to co-write and produce a document in real time.

You too can create a group and invite like-minded folks to join your online community. You too can write and publish to the YourKnow library for the good of all. You too can read from YourKnow’s rich depository of E-books and body of diverse literature. You too can make a difference!