The Sharing Economy

We have been told that sharing is a relic of pre-modern societies. It’s the hallmark of communal, egalitarian systems where the mantra “sharing is caring” finds its truest expression and meaning. The Sharing Economy is now upon us. People and organizations are creating markets in sharing by facilitating exchanges. The Sharing Economy is destabilizing traditional businesses. Paz Gómez in a published article “How the Sharing Economy Liberates Us” posits that the collaborative economy makes good use of the communications technology we have in this 21st century to gain competitive advantage. This has been responsible for the respective success stories of Uber, Cabify, Airbnb, and many others.

YourKnow is the platform that responds to the spontaneity of the human spirit. It facilitates the cultivation of minds. It encourages the sharing of intellect. There is no feature accentuating sharing and real time collaboration more than YourKnow’s “passing the pen”. Group members can interactively work together and make edits in the same document in real time and pass the pen back and forth as each member makes edits or additions to the document.

As a registered user who is a member of a collaboration group, you can schedule a live online event with other group members. From the landing page, put your cursor on Collaborations and in the drop-down menu select Groups Membership. You will see all the groups that you belong. Choose a group and use the Events/Calendar tab to schedule and invite others. The invitees will then receive notification alerts.     

Adding an Event
Adding an Event

The organizer must start the event at the scheduled time and that will open the writing pad and a chatroom for instant messaging. The invitees can work together in the writing pad by passing the pen between or among them.

Writing Pad
Writing Pad

Sharing is just one of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to use this platform in your daily life. Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

Civility and Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago (9/26/19), in the midst of all the impeachment inquiry, there was a Congressional committee hearing on opportunities for increased civility and collaboration in Congress. There is no argument over the fact that in every human institution and endeavor, collaboration between and among parties is key. We use collaboration to build trust, confidence, and influence.  In the Congressional hearing, George Mason University associate professor Jennifer Victor suggested that to fight polarization, the House can develop an internal Facebook-like platform to facilitate interactions.

Years ago, in graduate school, I learned something that has stayed with me since. People always talk about making compromises in life in order to forge ahead. When you compromise, both sides give up something in order to get most of what they want. However, when you collaborate, both sides only add to the final product making it a win-win for everyone involved.      

YourKnow was created to bring people together to collaborate, cultivate minds, and to share.  We have gone to great lengths to determine the ideal collaboration features necessary to facilitate healthy working groups.  It is this mix of features that allow for civility and collaboration during public discourse and a desire to build something greater together than could be built alone. As a registered user or publisher, you have the ability to create new groups that are either public or private depending on how you plan to collaborate.  From the landing page, click on the Collaborations menu item and then click on Create Group.  Once your new group is created, invite other users who share your passion.

Create a group
Create a Group

The other features within the Collaboration menu are:

  • Group Membership – shows a list of all the groups that you are currently a member
  • Search Groups – provides a full list of all created groups and there is a search tool to use
  • Group Rules are the rules of engagement for either private or public groups      

Collaboration is just one of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to use this platform in your daily life.  Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

Just Me is Just For You

I enjoy writing for a myriad of reasons. Whereas I strongly believe that a weakness should be managed like a chronic disease, a strength must be harnessed, accentuated and focused on. I came to the conclusion years ago that my writing skill will connect me with people with the speed of light. I’ve been able to reach places and persons of different shades and colors, from diverse persuasions and creed, and around the globe in a space of time unimaginable by the power of the keyboard and the Internet as an enabler.   Writing is my connection to the world, but sometimes writing is for just me.

YourKnow was created to be a human companion and designed to bring people together to consume and share like never before. Write and upload your reflections, academic papers, publications, project work, meeting minutes, notes and share with your group members.

Just Me screen
Just Me Screen

YourKnow also contains a cool feature which is just for you and it’s called Just Me. As a registered user or publisher, select My YourKnow from the landing page and on the dropdown menu, click on Just Me.

Once there, create a new file or upload a file your created on your local device. You may also use the notepad to write your notes and this is ideal for college students who take notes in class. Clicking anywhere outside of the writing pad will automatically save your document and it will be available for later viewing and editing.

Just Me is just one of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to use our platform in your daily life.  Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

YourKnow Mobile Apps Released

YourKnow is proud to announce that we have released mobile apps for both Android and iOS. This expands the ways members can use our patent-pending collaboration platform. This enables users to consume, collaborate, create, share and discover content on more devices than previously possible and be increasingly productive wherever they are and whenever the they feel like collaborating.

Web, Android and pick the device!
Web, Android and iOS…you pick the device!

As we have discussed before, YourKnow is the only platform today that allows you to collaborate live with other people and see what they are typing while passing the pen around to participants for input. Writing, discussing and publishing is easy and intuitive no matter what device and operating system you want to use.

Membership is always free so join us and download the app today.



One of the things I have learned after 4 decades of reading is that books, articles, poetry, research papers and songs are all vehicles that take us out of our daily lives and transport us to other places.  Whether we are chasing a white whale, crossing a desert on a horse with no name, delving into the intricacies of the cosmos or just trying to better understand data warehousing, exploring and discovering these topics changes us.  We learn about new places, new ways of thinking and explore new ideas. We feel another person’s pain. We understand how other people dream. We can see the world through the eyes of other races, genders and cultures.

Discovery isn’t the least of our mantra as the last item.  It is the reason the other 4 tenets exist. If I write the greatest novel in the world and nobody reads it, was it great?  If nobody gets to hear the songs or poetry that flows out of my soul, then I am the only one that benefits and that goes against the very fabric of what this platform was created to do.

Photo by Kaique Rocha
Photo by Kaique Rocha

So what am I asking from you?  

After all, it is the ultimate aim of human existence.


When I was a kid and later when I became a parent, sharing was one of those things everyone put an emphasis on.  Share your toys, share your snacks, share with the class, share with your support group. It is constantly pounded into us that sharing was the right thing to do.  Later in life, I took a number of jobs where sharing became important. In the military, we shared our ammunition, we shared our food, we shared letters from home and most importantly, we shared information that helped the unit.  Later in life I worked in places where sharing code I wrote or scripts I created was part of the routine.

As I mentioned in my post on collaboration, I specialized in a technology where share was literally in the name when I picked up SharePoint.  The idea that information must be shared for us to advance as a team, as a community or as a species is incredibly important. That’s not to say that we have to share everything.  All of us have plenty of things we keep private and all of us have that one friend who overshares, right? Oversharing notwithstanding, sharing is usually built into the mores and norms of our societies.

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

At YourKnow, we made sharing a part of our mantra for a simple reason.  Everything we have talked about so far with consuming, collaborating and creating is all for nothing if we have no way to share what we have made.  Ideas and information can’t be exchanged if we don’t put it out there for others to discover (spoiler alert for the next post) and consume. Others can’t take what we have put out there and build on it if we don’t actually put it out there.

YourKnow makes this easy whether you are working in a group with other folks or you are using the “Just Me” feature and writing on your own in a private space.  Once you have something you are ready to share, you just open the context menu and click on “Publish” and the wizard walks you through publishing it where you want it to live.  Once done, it is available for anyone to read and comment on anywhere in the world for free. You still own it, we just make it available for others.

Join YourKnow for FREE today and Share Your Story. I know I am excited to read what people just like you are willing to share with me and I hope you are too.


I am not necessarily an inventive person.  I don’t often come up with original ideas on my own.  If someone points me in a direction, I can be incredibly creative in building upon that idea.  Bring me an idea for a new software program and I can take that idea and build very creative solutions for implementation.  I say this as an introduction to the third tenet of our mantra, create.

Creation is more than coming up with original ideas or inventions.  It is taking a seed and planting it, nurturing it and growing it into something real and tangible.  The concept of creation builds upon the first 2 tenets of consuming and collaborating. The YourKnow founder, Raefer Andrews, is always coming up with some new inventive idea.  They flow from him on an almost daily basis. Put him together with our other founder, Alfred Adams, and they just feed off of each other. Actually creating something from those ideas requires a team to execute that vision.  We consume information which leads to new ideas. Then we collaborate on those ideas to determine the path forward. Finally, we create something from the ideas.

Photo by Pixabay

YourKnow facilitates this by bringing together people across social, racial, religious, gender and age groups with a common topic to create something that wasn’t there before.  You don’t have to be an expert in all of the nuances of the topic at hand, you just need to start or join a group that focuses on the things you are passionate about and contribute.  This creates new content for others to consume and feeds more ideas and constantly perpetuates the process.

There are the thinkers and there are the doers and together they build something greater than either of them can build alone.  

What do you want to help create?  Join us today for free and create something new.


In 2004, I took a position as a .Net developer focused on a fairly new technology called SharePoint.  What intrigued me about the SharePoint platform was the concept of technology focused on collaboration.  Sure, there had been other products that helped people communicate and store data such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Oracle Portal, but there hadn’t been anything that I had used with collaboration built into its core mission.  It was still a relatively unknown technology at the time but would shape the next decade and a half of my life.

Years later I was offered a position as a SharePoint Architect which later morphed into working with all content management systems across 30 different business units.  I began to see what all of these systems had in common and what all of these systems seemed to lack. While they all attempted to get people to consolidate and share data, documents and ideas, none of them actually facilitated bringing people together at the same time to focus on their collaborative efforts.  It trusted that the collective would work together as necessary and didn’t enforce any structure or timing for this effort.

Photo by from Pexels

Enter YourKnow.

YourKnow has some similarities to the others, as all content systems should, but it is different.

  • Bring people together at the same time to collaborate in real time sessions.
  • Create an event, invite members and then actually sit around a virtual table (or lounge in a virtual coffee shop if that’s more your style) and see what people are typing into the shared document.
  • Pass the virtual pen around to those who want to write and everyone can see what they are writing as they write it.
  • Discussions can go on in the chat window.
  • Files can be uploaded and added to the draft you are working on.
  • Continuing events can be scheduled and additional members can join the session.
  • Offline events for real-world meetings.
  • Foster groups that collaborate right away and build documents and writings in the moment.

In all of the years I have worked in IT, I have been one of those people who tried to collaborate and bring others into my projects.  This takes the face-to-face pressure out of the equation and caters to both introverts and extroverts. You can find groups of people who want to work with you and others to build something new. 

Want to know what groups are waiting for you and bring your passions to the virtual table?  

Join YourKnow right now for free and pursue your passions today.


At YourKnow we have a simple mantra that influences everything we do: consume, collaborate,  create, share and discover. The next couple of posts will discuss what these 5 principles mean to us and how this influences what we put into the platform and share with others.

The first tenet of the mantra is “consume”.  This is probably the easiest one to explain as there is no way to learn new things without embracing new information.  When I first started in the IT world, I took a seminar on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit 2 is to “begin with the end in mind”.  That is what we have tried to do here. While consuming information seems like it should be the last item in our mantra, it is what charges us and pushes us to create.  It is the end goal of everything we are doing to cultivate minds.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Reading new ideas, thoughts and musings helps to expand out horizons and take us to new levels of understanding.  When we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, we open the door to new possibilities and experiences. Not everyone can travel the world and experience diverse cultures easily but we can read and share in those experiences through other’s eyes.  This is what has made platforms like YouTube and Instagram so popular. But visual platforms can only convey so much while the written word can lend meaning to the pictures and videos and do more than just show us what a place looked like.

As a voracious reader who is constantly trying to find new and exciting things to read each day, I am excited to see what is available as YourKnow matures and the membership grows.  From biography to fiction to politics to cooking, the possibilities are endless.  

Join me today by creating a free account and seeing what we have for you to consume today.

What Is YourKnow?

YourKnow is our vision that the ultimate aim of human existence is the cultivation of the human mind.  To that end, we created a place where all people can come together to create and consume information of all types without boundaries and borders.  

Our belief is that information isn’t just for those who were fortunate to be born in a place with easy access to it, but that information wants to be shared with all. When humanity embraces and shares information it rises above circumstances and geography and becomes the best version of itself.

In order to meet this goal, we offer our 5 point mantra:

1. Consume: read and access information that is relevant to your life.

2. Collaborate: interact with the people, groups and interests that matter to you.

3. Create: create writings, opinions and publications that are truly yours.

4. Share: open your personal works and thoughts for others to read.

5. Discover: find new ideas, cultures and concepts to add to your understanding.

This platform is constantly evolving to become what people need it to be.  Whether you just read the books and writings of others or you actively participate in group discussions and produce novels, songs, poems and articles, you will be contributing to the end goal of making a more informed world possible.  You will be cultivating both your own mind and the minds of countless others as we chase the dream of making the world a better place.

All that we ask is that you share this with your family and friends to help us grow the community through all of your social channels.  YourKnow is free to use.

Create an account today and see where it leads you.