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As the Latin roots com and laborare suggest, Collaboration means to work together. Collaboration is not just about results; it’s very much about the process too. In this day and age, it has become more associated with innovative interactive process with a shared purpose. It’s definitely a sure way to explore our differences and search for solutions that go beyond our own limited vision of what is possible.

How do we build communities without working together? How do we effectively build teams whether for social change or to advance research, technology, and scholarship without harnessing resources for the good of humanity?

My personal journey through the years has taught me one thing. There is a limit to what one can do as an individual. There is more that can be accomplished when people decide to get together and work collaboratively. Distance is no longer a barrier to meeting. If we had any reservations about that, events from the past year and a half have changed our perspective. I have enjoyed many live collaboration sessions on YourKnow, the number one platform for working in a virtual group setting with the aim to co-write and produce a document in real time.

You too can create a group and invite like-minded folks to join your online community. You too can write and publish to the YourKnow library for the good of all. You too can read from YourKnow’s rich depository of E-books and body of diverse literature. You too can make a difference!

Press Release

YourKnow Awarded US Patent 10,817,917 for Centralized Collaboration

PRESS RELEASE   May 1, 2021, Irvine CA       

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent 10,817,917 to YourKnow Inc. for Online Collaboration, Reading, Sharing, File Storage, and Publishing from a Centralized Workspace. The great news is that with YourKnow’s now patented social productivity platform, members can create a group, invite others, collaborate live, upload and share documents, and instantly publish content from a single Workspace.

The issued patent will safeguard YourKnow’s mission to promote accessible and easy-to-use collaboration tools to students, educators, researchers, writers, and all those who are passionate about sharing and learning.

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About YourKnow    

YourKnow is a collaborating, reading and sharing platform that allows you to:

Consume – read and access information that is relevant to your life

Collaborate – with the people, groups and interests that matter to you

Create – writings, opinions and publications that are truly yours

Share – your personal works and thoughts with others

Discover – new ideas, cultures and perspectives…and share yours

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Content & Process

Engaging people who are remote can be challenging, but it’s no obstacle to success. Collaboration tools exist to aid this process. When a problem rears its ugly head, what matters most is how we react. We can either be victims or students. And what do students do? They learn from the issues that confront them. If there are any positives from this current pandemic, prominent among them must be the lesson we’ve all learned rather painfully that there’s a lot that can be done without necessarily congregating in a physical location.

Whether it’s students in distance learning or employees working from home or remotely, there are two important aspects that need attention – Content and Process. If students are for instance asking about clarity on a text, that’s a content issue. If they’re asking about how to submit their homework assignment on a platform or how to limit who can see what, that’s a process question.

The educator or facilitator either in a live or sequential collaboration session must be equipped to help others navigate the process conundrum. Some Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Collaboration Apps like YourKnow have an Explainer page with step by step guide on how to use the platform. Such aids like video, text, screenshots, and screen-casting tutorials promote understanding and eventual engagement.   

There are strategies to maximize the benefits of collaboration tools. Take time to plan and set daily and weekly goals. The facilitator must be clear about expectations and provide immediate feedback. Being sequestered at home can be challenging so there is the need for all participants to maintain a human connection, limit distractions, and be respectful of one another.

We are all learning resilience and creative problem-solving and for those who desire to create something together with like-minded colleagues, YourKnow is the App of choice.    

Thriving In The Workplace

Life during this ongoing pandemic has taught us a few lessons. What used to be exceptions have now become the norm. We are learning new ways of going about our normal business. Where possible, for life to continue unabated, we have transitioned some very important activities which hitherto were done in-person and in physical locations, to online platforms. The buzzwords of today are e-work, e-classroom, and remote.

No doubt, the relics of COVID-19 will continue to be part of our very existence long after an efficacious vaccine has been found and the corona virus has become history. In the workplace, the pandemic has created a demand for some specific skill sets. There is a strong likelihood that those skills will continue to feature prominently in future job descriptions.

Gwen Moran highlights six skills that employees will need to thrive in a post-pandemic workplace. Of particular importance for the purpose of this post, is the need for potential new hires to master the use of digital technologies and collaboration tools. Most organizations will continue to use hybrid models in their operations and the ability to adapt will be necessary.

In order to collaborate with a purpose to meet the needs of all manners of remote staff and work teams, YourKnow is the platform that delivers with a focus on a word as the end product. Now more than ever, employees would have to be better with their words. With more people working remotely, communication management is a must have. There is no better collaboration tool that equips groups to co-write in real time as well as sequentially in an efficient and effective way like YourKnow. The file permissions functionality built into the group feature allows Admins to have control over what gets shared and with whom. Just Me is yet another feature which is a user’s personal space to write and/or upload their reflections, meeting minutes, and notes which can be shared with group members if so desired. 

This is just one of many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to use this platform. Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for a better work life.

Just Me is Just For You

I enjoy writing for a myriad of reasons. Whereas I strongly believe that a weakness should be managed like a chronic disease, a strength must be harnessed, accentuated and focused on. I came to the conclusion years ago that my writing skill will connect me with people with the speed of light. I’ve been able to reach places and persons of different shades and colors, from diverse persuasions and creed, and around the globe in a space of time unimaginable by the power of the keyboard and the Internet as an enabler.   Writing is my connection to the world, but sometimes writing is for just me.

YourKnow was created to be a human companion and designed to bring people together to consume and share like never before. Write and upload your reflections, academic papers, publications, project work, meeting minutes, notes and share with your group members.

Just Me screen
Just Me Screen

YourKnow also contains a cool feature which is just for you and it’s called Just Me. As a registered user or publisher, select My YourKnow from the landing page and on the dropdown menu, click on Just Me.

Once there, create a new file or upload a file your created on your local device. You may also use the notepad to write your notes and this is ideal for college students who take notes in class. Clicking anywhere outside of the writing pad will automatically save your document and it will be available for later viewing and editing.

Just Me is just one of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to use our platform in your daily life.  Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.