COVID-19 and Copyright

When it’s all over, done with, and dusted, COVID-19 will be remembered for different things. Prominent on the list will be fear, uncertainty, and toilet paper. There are many others which may not be getting the attention duly deserved, but affect the lives of millions of global citizens.  

In most parts of the world, pre-k through twelfth grade, colleges, and universities have all gone virtual. Distance learning, e-learning or online learning, however you prefer to label it, has become the new normal. Wherever and whenever content is created, used, shared, and redistributed, the issue of copyright and intellectual property cannot be discarded.

Mike Masnick, in a write-up on the nature of our permission culture, reviews the effects of this pandemic on our already cumbersome copyright laws and vice versa. Unless a material is in the public domain, the fact that something is publicly available does not mean that it does not require a license or permission. We operate from the assumption that a material is copyrighted whether there is a copyright statement and or symbol on it or not. Once it is the intellectual property of someone and it was not created and produced with public funds, whoever owns the copyright must be sought and permission obtained.

In this COVID-19 era when there is a proliferation and use of e-learning and collaboration platforms, even with fair use license provisions and recent special contingencies like Pandemic License and Education Continuity License, not everything permissible in a classroom setting can be replicated online. Interestingly an author must publicly designate a work as covered under the Pandemic License before it can be read aloud in an online classroom or a recording of such reading be uploaded in an e-learning management platform. This is getting in the way of teachers and online collaborators. It’s causing unnecessary delays in knowledge sharing and acquisition.

We are already dealing with a lot. Can life progress without fear of liability suits and when this is all over, get post-usage clearance or take down such content?  There hasn’t been a global pandemic in a century and the last time there was one, the Internet wasn’t here with us. Maybe this is a good time to review our copyright laws in the wake of what appears to be the new normal, going forward. YourKnow and other platforms stand to gain and education will be the better for it.        

Social Distancing

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. As an optimist, I’ll not say we are in desperate times, but the truth of the matter is that these times are so different from the reality we’ve been used to for a century. Everything about how we live and operate as a human species has been so much affected by COVID-19. The new normal of social distancing has caught us by surprise. An unseen virus has pushed us so much to the wall that we’re beginning to look for other ways to stay connected, relevant, and productive.

Humans have always known the importance of combined efforts. We have teamed up, worked together, and collaborated since antiquity. We know, and it’s been proven, that we get more when we harness resources from experts of different backgrounds who have varied perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

In a Rolling Stone article titled “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”, Elias Leight shares the stories of top song writing professionals currently using Zoom and FaceTime to work remotely and are collaboratively writing next year’s hit songs. More collaboration apps are now joining the mix. There is no better time than now for song writers and lyricists to explore YourKnow’s unique feature of “Passing the Pen”.    

writing lyrics in YourKnow
Writing lyrics in YourKnow

In pre-corona virus era, we all preferred face-to-face meetings and human interactions to online collaborations. Given the opportunity, most people would take in-person courses as opposed to online programs. People traveled several miles and sometimes across continents to attend meetings, seminars, and conferences. In the music industry, most song writers in “collabo” wanted to sit together in the same room to connect and write lyrics.  

We are now seeing more remote sessions and this trend is picking up out of necessity. This pandemic is not only changing the world but may be changing the way we work forever; it is also affording us the opportunity to rethink more effective and efficient ways to get things done.

Yourknow has the technology not only for tele-songwriting, but for everything that seeks “the written word” as its end product. Social Distancing or not, it’s an enhancement to assuring live, real-time collaboration with a purpose.

Visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

Lifelong Product

The more I think about lifelong learning skills, the more inclined I am to relate those characteristics to what makes a product beneficial to its users over the long haul. Some skills are beneficial to master because they are important for success throughout the different phases of life. A lifelong product is one that is relevant and applicable in spite of all the transitions that one needs to experience in life, not forgetting technological advancements. It may be a truism but change is the only constant in life. We live in a fluid world where things are constantly in a state of flux. A lot of dynamism and adaptability traits are therefore needed to stay relevant and competitive.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett, in a write-up on beneficial learning skills, posits that working in groups is the hallmark of the digital age. In school, in addition to individual assignments, group projects and teamwork form an integral part of classroom work and assessment. The ability to be a good team player and to work well with others in a group setting at the workplace is necessary for success and optimum productivity.

YourKnow fosters creativity and the sharing of passions and ideas. It caters to groups that are both physical and virtual. Communication is key in every human endeavor but it is now more than just face-to-face interactions. How can we work with one another across the globe as easily and effectively as across the room? YourKnow’s Collaborations tool is the answer. Create a group, invite others with like passions and schedule a live event to create, share, and publish for the benefit of yourself and others. 

From high school through college and on into the workplace, YourKnow’s Just Me feature is one of the most effective and efficient ways to take and digitally save classroom lecture notes, to-dos and action items from corporate meetings, and store personal files for easy retrieval. Just as employers look for people with both team member and individual contributor attributes, YourKnow allows you to work well in both situations.

These are just a couple of the many ways YourKnow is making it easy for you to connect with the world in your daily life. From “I can do it” to “we can do it”, visit YourKnow today and register to become a user for life.

YourKnow Mobile Apps Released

YourKnow is proud to announce that we have released mobile apps for both Android and iOS. This expands the ways members can use our patent-pending collaboration platform. This enables users to consume, collaborate, create, share and discover content on more devices than previously possible and be increasingly productive wherever they are and whenever the they feel like collaborating.

Web, Android and pick the device!
Web, Android and iOS…you pick the device!

As we have discussed before, YourKnow is the only platform today that allows you to collaborate live with other people and see what they are typing while passing the pen around to participants for input. Writing, discussing and publishing is easy and intuitive no matter what device and operating system you want to use.

Membership is always free so join us and download the app today.


What Is YourKnow?

YourKnow is our vision that the ultimate aim of human existence is the cultivation of the human mind.  To that end, we created a place where all people can come together to create and consume information of all types without boundaries and borders.  

Our belief is that information isn’t just for those who were fortunate to be born in a place with easy access to it, but that information wants to be shared with all. When humanity embraces and shares information it rises above circumstances and geography and becomes the best version of itself.

In order to meet this goal, we offer our 5 point mantra:

1. Consume: read and access information that is relevant to your life.

2. Collaborate: interact with the people, groups and interests that matter to you.

3. Create: create writings, opinions and publications that are truly yours.

4. Share: open your personal works and thoughts for others to read.

5. Discover: find new ideas, cultures and concepts to add to your understanding.

This platform is constantly evolving to become what people need it to be.  Whether you just read the books and writings of others or you actively participate in group discussions and produce novels, songs, poems and articles, you will be contributing to the end goal of making a more informed world possible.  You will be cultivating both your own mind and the minds of countless others as we chase the dream of making the world a better place.

All that we ask is that you share this with your family and friends to help us grow the community through all of your social channels.  YourKnow is free to use.

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