Social Distancing

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. As an optimist, I’ll not say we are in desperate times, but the truth of the matter is that these times are so different from the reality we’ve been used to for a century. Everything about how we live and operate as a human species has been so much affected by COVID-19. The new normal of social distancing has caught us by surprise. An unseen virus has pushed us so much to the wall that we’re beginning to look for other ways to stay connected, relevant, and productive.

Humans have always known the importance of combined efforts. We have teamed up, worked together, and collaborated since antiquity. We know, and it’s been proven, that we get more when we harness resources from experts of different backgrounds who have varied perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

In a Rolling Stone article titled “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”, Elias Leight shares the stories of top song writing professionals currently using Zoom and FaceTime to work remotely and are collaboratively writing next year’s hit songs. More collaboration apps are now joining the mix. There is no better time than now for song writers and lyricists to explore YourKnow’s unique feature of “Passing the Pen”.    

writing lyrics in YourKnow
Writing lyrics in YourKnow

In pre-corona virus era, we all preferred face-to-face meetings and human interactions to online collaborations. Given the opportunity, most people would take in-person courses as opposed to online programs. People traveled several miles and sometimes across continents to attend meetings, seminars, and conferences. In the music industry, most song writers in “collabo” wanted to sit together in the same room to connect and write lyrics.  

We are now seeing more remote sessions and this trend is picking up out of necessity. This pandemic is not only changing the world but may be changing the way we work forever; it is also affording us the opportunity to rethink more effective and efficient ways to get things done.

Yourknow has the technology not only for tele-songwriting, but for everything that seeks “the written word” as its end product. Social Distancing or not, it’s an enhancement to assuring live, real-time collaboration with a purpose.

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